About Us

Kurk was founded by two friends: a medical doctor at the forefront of the emerging field of plant sciences and a high-performance martial arts coach. Both cancer survivors, Kurk is the result of their exceptional professional and personal journeys.

Their combined experience—and extraordinary recoveries—led to an interest in plant-based supplements and the role curcumin can play in supporting our health and happiness. After 4 years of extensive research and development, Kurk was born.

Dr. Harry’s story

Our Scientific Director, Dr. Harrison Weisinger (Dr. Harry), is a family doctor that has worked in UK, Australia, Europe, and the United States. Before he obtained his medical degree, Harry did a Master's and Ph.D. looking into the effects of nutrition on brain development, body weight, and blood pressure. Throughout his working career as a medical doctor, university professor, and scientist, Dr. Harry has committed his life to improving human health.

From the age of 18, Dr. Harry was unwell with a series of health issues that saw him hospitalised 30 times by the age of 40. Starting with the diagnosis of Crohn's disease and eventually Lymphoma.

This turned into a vested interest in improving his and his community's health and wellbeing. Since turning 40, Dr. Harry’s health has been exceptional.

Trent’s story

Our CEO Trent Scanlen is a born leader; tirelessness and determination are his signature traits.

Trent grew up surfing and playing Rugby League, naturally leading a very healthy lifestyle from a young age. It was while working internationally and within a senior corporate role that he lost his focus on health and nutrition.

After his own cancer battle in 2012 (also Lymphoma), he started a deep dive into nutrition and high performance, medically mentored by Dr. Harry.

Emerging from his health problems victoriously, Trent focused on plant science and his passion of martial arts. This led to a partnership with Dr. Harry researching human health and emerging plant sciences. And so began the makings of our company, and the mission to help our friends, our family and our community.

Why focus on curcumin?

The benefits of turmeric are talked about at length in the health and wellness world, and for good reason: curcumin. Curcumin is the active ingredient that gives turmeric its health-boosting qualities. But the curcumin content of turmeric is tiny—only 3% on average.

Here at Kurk, we have developed a process that allows us to extract curcumin, distil it, and break it down into the form most easily absorbed by your body—30kg of turmeric, transformed into 1kg of active, effective liquid gold.

Curcumin fights inflammation. Taken regularly, Kurk not only reduces inflammation but has cumulative effects, improving everything from sleep quality to stress levels, muscle aches to memory. It’s the ultimate supplement for optimised health, supporting immunity, brain function, and pain relief.

What makes Kurk different?

There are plenty of well-marketed supplements out there, but how can you actually be sure what they’re made of? Unlike some other supplement brands, that use synthetic ingredients—we use 100% plant material in our unique supplement.

Curcumin is a powerful ingredient. But it’s our exceptional science that makes Kurk so effective. We use science to extract natural curcumin. We use science to break it down into ultra-easy-to-absorb particles. Essentially, we use science to help you get the best-possible impact from one of nature’s most potent remedies. In Kurk, the best of nature meets the best of science.

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