Q&A with our Food Scientist, Hannah.

Q&A with our Food Scientist, Hannah.

Q. What are some signs that you should be taking a supplement? Are they for everyone?

  1. Deciding to take a supplement is a very personal decision. However we believe Kurk can benefit everybody no matter their circumstances. Kurk supports many different areas of your health from brain function, gut health to joint mobility. Taken daily, Kurk enhances your overall quality of life.

Q. I've heard that taking supplements can actually be worse for you if they are full of nasty synthetics. What are your thoughts on a natural supplement vs a synthetic one?

  1. We believe supplements should be as natural as possible, and it has taken years of research to formulate Kurk with all-natural, plant ingredients. Most other curcumin supplement brands are using synthetic ingredients and usually the curcumin is not formulated in a way that your body can absorb.

Q. Nutritional supplements have a bit of a reputation for making big claims. What are the legal regulations on the supplement industry in the UK?

  1. Food supplements are regulated just like food. Here in the UK, we have to follow the same rules as any other food and drink manufacturer. This governs many areas such as the on-pack labelling information, the presenting of nutritional information, and of course the quality and safety of products. After each production, Kurk is tested and verified at an independent laboratory before being released to our customers. 

Q. Will I notice a difference right away or is it more of a long-term thing?

  1. Of course, everybody is different, and it’s hard to say when you will begin to notice a difference. It’s really important to build a habit with your supplement routine. We asked our customers how long it was before they noticed a change in how they were feeling since they started taking our liquid curcumin. 48% of people reported a change in how they felt after taking the supplement for 4 weeks, and this rose to 73% after taking our curcumin for 8 weeks. Stick with forming a habit and take Kurk as part of your daily ritual!

Q. When researching a supplement brand, how can you ensure that all of their health claims are true?

  1. Our products are stringently tested and we only use trusted suppliers. All of our claims are evidence based through research led by experts. Always ensure that the brands you buy from are regulated by an official body.