The Kurk guide to plant-based supplements

The Kurk guide to plant-based supplements

The obvious question: why do we need to take supplements in the first place?

Many of us do not get enough of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals through our diet alone. This can be put down to anything from a poor diet to our bodies’ decreased ability to absorb nutrients. It could even be the case that our food is not as nutrient-dense as it was in the past. Likely due to soil depletion, pesticides, or simply because the varieties of produce have different nutrient levels these days. Whatever the reason is, taking supplements is a surefire way to ensure we’re eating enough vitamins and minerals every day.

Supplements come in many different forms—vitamin capsules, powders, and liquids.

Benefits of Plant-based supplements

Plant-based supplements are derived from real food and are not chemically produced in a factory.

Plant-based vitamins and minerals are better absorbed by our bodies than synthetic ones and are more easily assimilated into the body. Plant-based supplements are perfect for supplementing a vegan diet. If you prefer a plant-based diet, you’ll likely want your vitamins to be plant-based, too.

In worst-case scenarios, too many synthetic supplements can cause a buildup of toxicity in the body.

Why it’s important that kurk is plant-based?

We strive to be as close to nature as possible. Each plant-derived ingredient in Kurk has been consumed by humans for centuries and proven safe.

If it's not plant-based, the alternative would be to consume a large amount of synthetic chemicals. Our competitors use a synthetic emulsifier, polysorbate 80 (E433), and around 94% of their product is ineffectual filler.

More people are worried about the harmful effects of consuming synthetic substances.

As well as not having the negative effects of synthetics in Kurk, there is some evidence emerging that the plant-derived ingredients in Kurk are actually having a positive effect on the body, either in their own right, or by enhancing the health-boosting effects of curcumin.

 Regardless of whether a plant-based supplement comes from a determination to produce a superior product or to reformulate an animal-based offering into a vegan one, investing in good quality, natural ingredients and making great formulations that optimise your health is key when it comes to supplement innovation.