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Kurk Vanilla One-time

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Kurk is the gold standard of supplements—carefully designed to optimise immunity, wellness and performance. Showcasing 3 flavours—Kurk Vanilla is silky, rich and luxurious. 

Add 1ml to your morning coffee, milk or smoothie, stir and enjoy.

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The ultimate supplement
for optimised health
  • More energy,
    better sleep

    Kurk fine-tunes your metabolism for more energy throughout the day and increases your chances of a deeper, more satisfying sleep at night.

  • Less stress,
    brighter mood

    Kurk keeps anxiety in check, brings a sense of balance to your emotions, and primes you for a more positive outlook.

  • Sharper focus,
    improved memory

    Kurk supports brain function, including concentration, clarity, recall and the processing of new information.

  • More movement,
    fewer aches and pains

    Kurk supports joints and muscles, reducing swelling and stiffness—perfect post-workout, to increase everyday mobility, or to counter more chronic conditions.

  • Happy gut,
    healthy glow

    Kurk works wonders inside, boosting your digestive tract and contributing to stronger, healthier hair, skin and nails.

  • Long-term

    Kurk is an investment in all-round health, now and in the future.

More powerful than powders

Turmeric is famous for its health benefits, but those benefits actually come from curcumin, the compound that's found inside. Standard curcumin supplements come in powder form—as tablets or capsules. But powder is not very soluble. And that makes it hard for your body to absorb.

Our experts have discovered a way to distill curcumin into its most potent form. We use unique technology to break curcumin down into micro-particles. We blend this extract with piperine to create a specially-formulated, highly-soluble liquid supplement.

The result is an extraordinarily efficient elixir that is 2000% more soluble than powder. And 10000x more potent than turmeric alone. Premium taste. Extraordinary benefits. The gold standard of supplements.

Discover compound benefits

Kurk works from Day 1, but it's real benefits are cumulative. Taken daily, Kurk promotes sharper brain-function, stronger immunity, improved mood and effective pain-relief. 80% of people feel healthier and happier—more alert, less stressed, less stiff—in just 8 weeks.

Month 1

Though you might not feel the benefits immediately, Kurk starts working from Day 1. Boosting your immune system and energy. Replenishing your nutrient levels. Enhancing your memory and concentration. You may even feel relief from joint and muscle soreness.

Month 2-3

Kurk is building in your system, fine-tuning your metabolism for more energy throughout the day, and deeper, more restful nights. You skin and hair look radiant from the antioxidants. Your immune system is bolstered. Your mind is sharper and more focused.

Month 3-6

Enhanced mood, memory recall, and improved mental performance. Your energy levels have increased. Antioxidants are continously fighting inflammation. Long term life-enhancement.

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